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Prayer for Mozambique and Malawi

The following prayer request is from Takalani Musekwa, our Regional Director in South Africa.

Mozambique and parts of Malawi are still experiencing incessant rain and flooding. Infrastructure is being destroyed. Many areas no longer have electricity and telephone networks are also collapsing.

Please continue to pray for safety.

Donations to the GCI Disaster Relief Fund make it possible for GCI to respond quickly to disasters like this. If you or your congregation would like to donate to the fund, have your church treasurer make a one-time or recurring donation using the online donation system. (Choose “Disaster Relief” in the drop-down menu.)

If preferred, you may donate by a check made payable to Grace Communion International, noting on the memo line that the donation is for the GCI Disaster Relief Fund.

Mail the check to:
GCI Disaster Relief Fund
Grace Communion International
3120 Whitehall Park Dr.Charlotte, NC 28273

Death of Leny Santibanez

Ma. Leny Panhilason Santibanez, the wife of district superintendent Terrence Santibanez (Western Visayas, Philippines) and mother to three daughters, Terlene, Lucellie, and Emiellie, died on January 1. Her daughter, Lucellie, serves as the administrative assistant in the Home Office.

We share in their grief and in their hope of resurrection. The following is the obituary shared with Update from her family.

Born on January 30, 1964, Leny grew up in a shanty by a river in Alijis Bacolod City, Philippines with four siblings. Many might wonder how difficult her growing years were, considering the condition of the environment, but she told many stories of how she loved every single bit of her time with nature. She often told us how she would go fishing, swimming, and do the laundry by the river.

Leny’s life was not easy nor financially abundant, but she was resourceful and creative. Countless stories have been told of how she was an entrepreneur even from a young age. She would sell oysters, mosquito larvae as fish food, or anything that they could sell to supplement their needs at home. She and her siblings would often walk to school for several kilometers because finances were scarce for them to afford public transportation. They believed in and valued education, so they persisted.

As a child, she went to the capital city of the Philippines, Manila, with her aunt. She had more entrepreneurial adventures such as selling Sampaguita flowers at parks just to be able to buy food. She was so selfless that she would extend help to those in need, even with the very little she had.

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We Are GCI—Marlene and Brad Reed

The We Are GCI series is a collection of videos highlighting various GCI leaders and members.

In this episode, the dynamic husband-and-wife duo, Pastor Brad Reed and Associate Pastor Marlene Reed, share their journeys of experiencing God’s grace within their communities. Discover their passions for scuba diving, karaoke, and the video game, Skyrim. 

You can view other We Are GCI episodes here: We Are GCI
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Engagement of Tabin and Raduban

Join us in congratulating Hazel and Dids! We share in the joy of both families.

Hazel Tabin (from Pasadena, CA, US) and Dids Raduban (from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines) are excited to share their engagement that took place in Baguio City, Philippines on January 13, 2023! A wedding date has not been set as they are currently working on Dids’ fiancè visa. Join them in praying that the process will go smoothly so they can finally be together permanently after being in a long-distance relationship.

Angie and Saddie Tabin (pastor and associate pastor of Pasedena, CA, US), along with Jina and Ezra Raduban (pastor and elder of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, PH), celebrate this momentous event and are eager to see what God has in store for Hazel and Dids!

Ordination of Cielo & Peter Dela Cruz

Join us in congratulating Attorney Cielo and Peter Ben Dela Cruz on their ordination as elders!

On December 18, Pastor Audie Santibanez officiated the ordination of Cielo. That same day, Peter Ben was ordained and installed as senior pastor of GCI Metro East Manila (MEM) by Mario Natividad. Mario, who has served as senior pastor for many years, has passed the baton and will be serving in an advisory role. We’re very grateful to Mario for his faithful service and for equipping and empowering the next generation.

Read the interview below to get to know Cielo and Peter.

Did you grow up in GCI?
Yes, Peter’s parents met in GCI while attending Manila church. Cielo’s mother also attended the Manila church when she was single. After marriage, she raised her children in GCI even though her husband was a Catholic.

How long have you been part of GCI MEM?
Cielo since 2012, and Peter since 2015

How long have you been married?
7 years

Do you have any children?
Our daughter, Tanya Samantha, is 6 years old.

Do you work in the community in addition to pastoring the church?
Peter is a Computer Science graduate and works as a software engineer. Cielo is a full-time homemaker and works part-time as a lawyer.

Additionally, we try to involve ourselves in our village association projects, and we have a small-scale project called “MakeItCount.” Due to the pandemic, we see more people suffering, and our family decided we can do something, even if it’s small scale. Since 2021, we aim to cook and give out free food packs to at least 30 unhoused people once a week.Who has mentored you?
Pastor Gil and Carol Llaneza and Pastor Audie and Rachel Santibanez have been a mentor to Cielo. Pastor Andrew Teng, Russell and Teena Meimban, and Pastor Aron Tolentino have mentored Peter.

Profile of Diana Mayhew

“I have learned what the Holy Spirit’s voice sounds like within my being and know that listening to it (even when—and especially when—it’s very hard) is the only thing that brings God’s peace that surpasses all understanding.” –Diana Mayhew

Check out this month’s GCI profile to get to know Diana Mayhew, Member and Donor Services Representative.

To read her full profile, click the image below. #WeAreGCI


Volunteer at the Denominational Celebration

Are you considering volunteering, but you have questions?

Check out our Q&A.

Q: The conference is 3+ days. Will I be expected to serve the entire time? Every session? What’s my time commitment?
A: Each shift or session is 2.5 hours or less. We ask that you choose and serve for one shift. Of course, you can choose more than one shift.

Q: Do I have to create my own lessons / curriculum?
A: No. We will provide a lesson and activity with all supplies for your session.

Q: How many other adults will I be with?
A: Depending on the age group, you will be with at least two other volunteers during your shift.

Q: Can I request which age group I help with? If I’d rather serve with teens, can I request that?
A: Absolutely. On the sign up, you will see that the shifts are organized by grade/age and times. You can pick any open slot.

Have additional questions or want to volunteer? Please send an email to home.office@gci.org

Shop the GCI Swag Store

GCI Gear is Here!

We are excited to announce that GCI clothing and accessories will be available as part of our Denominational Celebration! Represent our fellowship and reflect your personal style. Shop now, by clicking on the image below.

We chose the vendor for our on-demand store based on their high-quality and ethically sourced items, as well as their ability to ship internationally. However, please note that the shipping costs are per item. You can get detailed shipping information here.