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William Mankhomwa

William and Chrissy Mankhomwa

William Mankhomwa, a Research and Test Development Officer for the Malawi Africa National Examinations Board (MANEB), serves as co-pastor of the GCI Blantyre, Malawi congregation with Fadrick Nihaka. He also helps serve the four satellite churches within 200 kilometers of Blantyre, Malawi.

William will have been married to his wife Chrissy for 30 years this September. They have two adult children, T. Isaiah and Marah Anne Chrissy.

William grew up in a typical African village, living in huts surrounded by bushes and cornfields. His parents separated when he was five years old and his grandmother, who had a great influence on his faith, raised him. She was a devout Presbyterian who traveled to many congregations bringing instruction to women.

After about two years as a Seventh-day Adventist, William became interested in GCI in 1981 and contacted the office in Kenya. In 1983, he went to England to study. “I was fully integrated into the church under David and Nancy Silcox, participating in all church activities… and visiting with members’ families. I was baptized on April 8, 1984 by Mr. Silcox.”

In 1996, William was ordained an elder and started assisting pastor Gardner Kunje in Malawi. The church needed more personnel in ministry and William was asked to help where needed. He loves preaching and leading worship, and “seeing people accept Jesus Christ and committing their lives to him.” It’s not past William to spend hours answering questions and talking with someone who wants to know about Jesus.

Because of his love for his country and his Lord, William has used his education to help others. “I have translated some of the GCI literature into the local language and distributed it to the church.” William loves being a pastor and loves preparing messages. His pastoral passion is “to help people know who they really are in Christ… watching the Holy Spirit bring new revelation to a person and watch that person grow in Christ.”

William lists two events as highlights in his ministry. One was when a fellow pastor who was struggling with understanding the changes came back from a conference in Zimbabwe a new man. “He said it was as if a mask had been pulled off his face.” William still gets a thrill recalling that transformation. His second highlight was a church service in January 2012 when visitor Rick Shallenberger preached in Malawi. “The service was recorded by our national television, then aired on subsequent weeks. It was inspiring to receive complimentary remarks from relatives and friends across the country who watched the service and said how much they enjoyed it.”

When asked what he likes most about GCI, William said, “The brotherly love we have; it feels real and unfeigned. We are truly connected and truly one.” He loves GCI’s sound doctrine and focus on Christian living. “I’m so glad we have learnt the humility and simplicity that is in Christ.” William loves to learn and loves to spend time with God. “Every moment of my life I seem to feel there is someone beside me. He said he would never leave us nor forsake us.”

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  1. Praise the Lord for such a humble and dedicated servant making himself available to serve people where needed! Keep up the good workd William!

  2. Hi William. Good to get to know you somewhat in this mini-bio. Thankfully, I can be called your brother, too.

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