Neil Williams

Prayer is requested for Neil Williams, brother-in-law of GCI South Africa Director Tim Maguire.

Neil and
Neil and Jane

Neil and his wife Jane are caretakers of the GCI church property in Linga Longa, South Africa. About six months ago, Neil bumped his ankle, but thought nothing of it. However, it got more and more painful and after about a month an open sore appeared. On consulting with the doctor who has dealt with Neil’s diabetes, he was told that the ankle bone had been chipped, causing an internal infection which was now seeping out. After several courses of antibiotics nothing improved and it is now at the stage where the doctors are talking of amputation due to gangrene. Neil is no longer able to walk properly, is in constant pain, and very much in need of God’s miraculous healing. Cards may be sent to:

Niel Williams
274 Cromwell Road
Lombardy East
South Africa

8 thoughts on “Neil Williams”

  1. We are with you in our thoughts and prayers. The Lord is full of grace. May His love sustain and strengthen you in this hour of need.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. God’s love and promises are with you at this time. Our love and prayers are with you. Christ is our healer and sent His word to heal us. Prayerfully, entreating all will be well soon and you will be up and about your Father’s business.

  3. Our Love & Prayers are continually with you! Remember our Father God’s promises that He will never leave or forsake us, and whatever He bring us to, He will bring us through.

    Trusting & believing with you,
    Paul/Leigh Sniffen

  4. Our prayers are with you. We know that this Loving God is always with us even in our darkest hours, for in our darkest hours we are still included in the Love that The Father is sharing with Jesus His Son in whose life we are in.

    In Christ
    Ben & Diana
    Republic of Nauru

  5. Neil, I’m sure it’s also frustrating to be hindered in doing your care-taking. We pray and wait to see what form God’s love takes in your behalf. Love JR & HBR

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