Advent-Christmas resources

The November edition of GCI Equipper provides resources to help congregations and ministries prepare for the upcoming Advent-Christmas season. Here are links to the five articles in that issue:

From Greg: Humanizing humanity
Greg Williams reminds us of a central truth of the Advent-Christmas season: Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, has humanized our humanity.

Advent-Christmas celebration resources
Here is a series of GCI-produced Advent videos and other resources to enhance your worship in the upcoming Advent-Christmas season.


Use Christmas for outreach
Heber Ticas offers tips about how a congregation can use Advent-Christmas as an opportunity to connect with unchurched people.

Sermon summary: God’s “one and only”
Lance McKinnon’s sermon celebrates the Incarnation of God’s “one and only” Son, who has included us with him in the “bosom” of the Father.

Kids Korner: Use Christmas to teach kids about Christ
Ted Johnston notes how children’s ministers can use Christmas as a “teachable moment” for showing kids how much God loves them.

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  1. How can we download the Advent Christmas videos shown in the GCI equipper? These appear to be on a Vimeo website, but not YouTube. We do not have internet at our church building, so we typically download videos from YouTube or from the GCI website. The Advent series this year do not seem to be available from either.

    Mike Urmie
    Crosswalk Community Church
    GCI Oklahoma City

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