Paul Kurtz

Paul Kurtz, a deacon in GCI’s Jacksonville, FL, congregation, was recently inducted into the International Educators’ Hall of Fame. A highly skilled trumpeter, Paul (pictured below) has been a mentor to younger music students and an inspiration to other blind musicians in his advocacy of braille musical notation. Congratulations Paul!

4 thoughts on “Paul Kurtz”

  1. If I am not mistaken, I believe Paul came to Athens and participated in a conference by the Christian Faculty Forum here in Athens, GA. A wonderful trumpeter and a pleasure to meet. He has played in world class orchestras and is uncompromising in his faith in Jesus.
    Bill Tollner
    Athens Christian Fellowship

  2. It is always so inspiring to hear about how God has distributed skills and talents for the benefit and blessing of others. Would love to hear Paul play the trumpet.



  3. This is a living application of Peter’s exhortations in 1Peter,4:10,.. Good to read about this Paul
    Abundant blessings upon you!

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