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David Sheridan

David Sheridan, pastor of GCI’s congregation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, had triple coronary artery bypass surgery on September 10. The Sheridan family reports that the surgery used two arteries to bypass 3 vessels, which is both amazing and uncommon.

The surgery was very successful, with no complications. David’s recovery is going well and he is in good spirits as attested by this picture of his ride home from the hospital:

Cards may be sent to:

David Sheridan
101 Cramond Close SE
Calgary, AB T3M 1C1

9 thoughts on “David Sheridan”

  1. Glad to hear a good report about a nearly 50-year friend from our days in Bricket Wood. May your recovery be complete, David!

  2. Very encouraging news! It is indeed truly amazing how our Creator, in His grace, has given humans the ability to accomplish such astonishing medical feats.

    David, we pray that your recovery will continue to proceed quickly and fully.

    Thanking Him,
    Santiago and Elke

  3. Great news David. Sounds all rather complicated to me, but glad to know the surgeons know what they are doing! When I hear of similar things I always stand in awe of the mind God created which is able to achieve such wonderful works.
    Our prayers are for your complete recovery.

  4. my brother David…so glad to hear that you are recovering well. Miss seeing you! But know we are praying for you. blessings, grace and love

  5. Good to hear it went well David. May God bless and keep you as you recover and continue to serve there.

  6. Hi David, This is wonderful news! So happy that you are recovering so well! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Gordon and Candace McKill

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