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Renewal in Peru

Our GCI congregation in La Huaca, Peru has been going through a renewal process in all aspects. Juan Carlos Florian faithfully pastors the congregation. Juan Carlos along with a team, have been actively engaging their community. They experienced growth to the point that they were no longer able to accommodate those who were visiting their church.

They started an expansion project in their facilities. With the help and dedication of members and even those in their community, they were able to enlarge their building and increase the capacity. This past weekend, with thanksgiving, they rededicated the facilities for the ministry of the gospel. Pastor Ruth Nieves from Piura and Pastor Jose Kasum from Lima joined them.

The renewal of their facilities is not the only renewal that this congregation has been experiencing. They have also been experiencing a missional renewal. Pastor Juan Carlos has attentively participated in the Team Based—Pastor Led equipping that regional directors Hector and Paulina Barrero have been offering online. Their missional endeavors have borne good fruit. This past weekend, they not only dedicated the renewal of the building to the Lord, but they also participated in the dedication of the lives of four brothers and sisters to the Lord through the sacrament of baptism.

Pastor Juan Carlos and their congregation solicit the prayers of the greater GCI family as they continue to participate with Jesus in what he is doing in their community.

By Heber Ticas
Pastor & Superintendent Latin America

2 thoughts on “Renewal in Peru”

  1. Thank you, Hector. I’m motivated by this congregation’s example of living and sharing Jesus’ gospel in their community. Their passion for Jesus’ mission is advancing his kingdom in La Huaca and making new disciples. Inspiring!

  2. It is wonderful to hear how the Holy Spirit has been moving in Peru and in Latin America literally building up „the house of the Lord“. May the „renewal“ and the expansion of the gospel continue and motivate many to be a part of Jesus‘ mission in that part of the world.

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