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Jesus Conversations

Greg and Susan Williams
Greg and Susan Williams

Dear GCI Family and Friends,

Back in July I had an interesting weekend involving two separate occasions with two people with whom I was able to engage in what I call “Jesus conversations.”

The first event was a Saturday golf tournament where my playing partner was an 80-year-old who was new to the neighborhood. It was a hot day, and the tournament lasted six long hours. Waiting between shots gave us ample time for extended conversations. We spoke of family, travel, fine wine, his time as a Navy aviator. Then he queried me about GCI. What kind of church is GCI? What was my seminary training? I enjoy talking about GCI, but I enjoy talking about Jesus more so.

My golf partner was harkening back to his college days when he had taken a class on Christianity and an overview of the Bible. His family of origin was Lutheran, and his wife’s family of origin was Methodist, so for most of their church-going time they went to a Presbyterian church (that makes sense). He had been stationed in foreign countries, like Japan and Saudi Arabia, so he had been exposed to other world religions. Now at age 80, he was having a heightened curiosity about Jesus and Christianity. We conversed how most other world religions require you to sacrifice and appease their gods through all sorts of ritual and idolatry, where our God took on flesh and came into our world to live and die for us.

We went deeper into the matter of salvation by grace alone. Apparently, he was impressed by how I had been treating him. He is older and, on top of that, he has had double knee replacement surgery. The course was quite hilly so often I would offer to pick up his stray golf ball and bring it to the cart. He would say, “Aren’t you a gentleman?” It was a great opportunity to turn the glory back to Jesus.

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12 thoughts on “Jesus Conversations”

    1. Hi Dan -l certainly agree! l’m so thankful that we have this wonderful freedom in Christ now that allows us to share Him wherever we are & let’s us shine for HIM! We are so blessed.

  1. Thank you, Greg–reality and relational friendships, such an enjoyable way to share the love of Jesus.

  2. I’m 80 years old, and by the grace of God I’ve learned the importance of setting a good example to my friends, family and the community in general. Action speaks louder than words.

  3. It’s good to share these testimonies, and how we can share our faith in a natural way. But it’s also supernatural, as we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit as these encounters occur.

  4. That’s a wonderful shareable response to any positive comments – “I told my new friend that any good action of kindness that he sees in me is all due to Christ who lives in me.” This line has been added to my repertoire. Thanks for sharing interactions of where the rubber meets the road in your relationships, and bringing Jesus into the conversation. Your sharing is equipping the saints. Thanks again, Blessings, Roger

  5. Once we are connected through the Holy Spirit to Jesus talking about our wonderful Savior becomes quite “natural”. In fact, the Spirit will always prompt us to share our Savior. In the Christian life there is no partition between the sacred/divine and the secular/profane. It is all about Jesus with us, in us, and through us. Our entire life is a Spirit led worship expression seeking to honor the Father and the Son in every situation.

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