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June 24, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Pastoral Conference in Queensland, Australia

Mike Feazell and I attended our Australian elders conference last weekend in Caloundra, Queensland. There were 90 elders and wives in attendance. Mike and I continued the study of Trinitarian theology, and Dr. Dennis Gordon, whose articles you have seen in Christian Odyssey, presented “Creation Perspectives.”

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Busy time for the Kissee family.24Joe&Rachel

Kaye and I have experienced a remarkably busy spring. First our youngest son, Joseph proposed for marriage in December, and the wedding was set for May 9. Rachel and Joe planned a wonderful event for their marriage. Kaye and I felt a special blessing in how Joe and Rachel met. We cherish her family and the bond in marriage her parents have. On the day of the Rehearsal dinner, we had a storm move through that cut off our electricity and did minor damage. Our electricity came back on a few hours before the dinner and this combined with how Kaye planned ahead made for a marvelous evening. After the storm, the weather was just perfect. The wedding was set in the country on a beautiful Saturday evening. We are excited to welcome Rachel into our family.

24Janna & NateJune 7 was another eventful day not the least of which was Kaye and my fortieth wedding anniversary. But this event was made more thrilling and memorable with our daughter, Janna’s wedding. Her wedding was smaller and the setting was our side yard. Janna and Nate were so pleased to have an outdoor wedding. The speed of their wedding was similar to the speed of Kaye and my wedding back in 1969, proposal in late April and wedding in June. Short planning times aren’t recommended, but the wedding was beautiful. We are thrilled to embrace Nate as a part of our family. And lastly I spent time preparing for retirement after 40 years coming in late June.

Blessings, Jim


More than 100 young people and 27 staff attended a youth discipleship retreat May 14-16, at the Villa Julia Resort in Cavite. The theme of the camp was “Inside Out,” based on Romans 12:1-2.

24Cavite1 . 24Cavite3 . Cavite

Forty campers from Iloilo, Antique and Aklan attended the mini-Summer Enrichment Program May 8 – 10 The theme of the camp revolved around Jeremiah 1: 4 – 10 “Known and Chosen.”

24Iloilo2 . 24Iloilo1


From National Ministry Leader Emmanuel Okai:

In Accra, our new Ashongman congregation had a great celebration on Sunday May 31. With a service full of hymns, anthems and praises, about 170 members and their kids had an inspiring day. After the service, we had lunch for all the members, and fellowship continued until late in the afternoon. In addition, we unveiled and dedicated several items we had acquired since the start of the year: a generator, an electrical inverter (both as stand-by for electrical outages during church services), a new lectern; robes for ushers; and choir robes! We were also happy to know that our three pioneer sponsored students have last week-end completed the Bachelor of Theology degree course at the Trinity Theological Seminary here in Accra, the first graduates since Emmanuel and Monica Sogbo graduated from AU nearly 20 years ago! We are continuing the sponsorship program in the knowledge that people who are properly trained are better equipped to help move the church forward as we expand and grow.


National Ministry Leader Gardner Kunje reported that Pastor Fadereck Nihaka from the Blantyre congregation visited the Bunda church as a guest speaker. “The Bunda congregation here in Lilongwe metropolitan is a growing church,” Gardner wrote. “There was a lot of excitement. We baptized ten people.”


From National Ministry Leader Dr. Inyambo Nyumbu:

Our four Lusaka congregations, totaling 196, met for a combined Pentecost service. Brethren shared their enthusiasm through music and warm fellowship. This year’s Pentecost celebration coincided with the launch of Central congregation’s move from a rented classroom to its recently acquired piece of land. Being together once in a while for a combined service helps us keep the coals of friendship and brotherly love kindled. We are already looking forward to our weekend family festival in August.

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Prayer Request

Please remember that prayer is the battleground where we fight the good fight. Let’s encourage everyone to join together in prayer. Additional spiritual disciplines such as fasting and study draw us closer to God and strengthen us for what we must do. When more of us prepare individually, the stronger we move together collectively.

Love from my family to yours,
Joseph Tkach