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John and Naomi Biswas and Rand Holm in car accident

Naomi and John Biswas

GCI pastor Rand Holm asks that we pray for Dr. John and Naomi Biswas. They were on their way to Rand’s congregation in Ventura, CA to give an update on their work with the Bengali Evangelistic Association (which John leads). As they travelled by car, they were rear ended and pushed forward into another car being driven by Rand. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, however John and Naomi were shaken up and her right leg still hurts.

2 thoughts on “John and Naomi Biswas and Rand Holm in car accident”

  1. I am grateful that God’s hand was there protecting you from a worse injury. My prayers are with you all,and our little group will continue our prayers for you and your work.

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