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Report on Higher Ground camp in North Carolina

Higher Ground, the GCI Generations Ministries camp in Swannanoa, NC just celebrated its 10th anniversary with a camp session that included 145 campers and 70 staff. The camp theme was “Oasis”, with chapel messages focused on how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are an Oasis of Love, Family, Friendship, Life, Light and Safety. The emphasis was on God’s love and purpose for all humanity, and how we first Belong, then Believe, and then Become. Here are a few quotes from participants:

“This was, by far, the greatest week of the year. I’m going to be telling Higher Ground stories for years to come!”

“From the first chapel, I knew this was going to be different. The message was clear and carried throughout the whole week – God loves you…NO MATTER WHAT!”

There were several memorable activities this year. One was a camp-side game of capture the flag. Another, involving the boys, was to watch Pastor Bill Winn working a forge – pounding red-hot metal into the shape of a sword. Sparks flew and burned brightly against the dark night as the boys remained completely silent. As the flames died down and the steel cooled, Pastor Bill recounted what the Holy Spirit did in shaping Jesus “blow by blow” during his earthly life and ministry. He then told them of a similar work the Spirit is now doing in their lives – shaping them into the fullness of what God has made them to be in Christ.

Enrollment for Higher Ground in 2012 is already full, though a waiting list is being kept.