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South Africa: Leadership Seminar & Summer Camp Planning

Gary Moore, GCI-Canada director, reports on his recent visit to South Africa:

Gary Moore

Wendy, Tim Maguire and I visited Durban, South Africa where we conducted a day long seminar with several church leaders driving a number of hours to attend. On Sunday we enjoyed church services with a packed Durban congregation. As a result of outreach projects over the last several years, the Durban congregation has experienced good growth in new attendees. About 70% of the congregation has begun attending since our doctrinal changes in the mid 90’s.

Durban congregation

The following Wednesday we attended the monthly SEP camp planning meeting. There was great appreciation passed along to us for the support our Canadian members and congregations provide to this camp in South Africa.


One thought on “South Africa: Leadership Seminar & Summer Camp Planning”

  1. I am a founding member of the Durban congregation, having grown up in Amanzimtoti, and gone to school at Glenwood High and N U C in Durban. It is wonderful to hear of the growth there again. I do hope they now have air-conditioning for their meetings !!!!
    Sincerely, Bob Vischer, Co-Pastor Asheville NC.

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