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GCI members in the heart of San Francisco

San Francisco Community Fellowship (SFCC), is a dynamic GCI congregation in the heart of San Francisco, CA, near the top of Mission Street. The congregation’s motto is, “Bridging a multi-cultural community to Jesus Christ.”

With persistence and patience, SFCC has been doing just that – reaching out with God’s love and life to the surrounding community. The result is a growing church fellowship that is wonderfully cross-cultural (representing several ethnic groups) and cross-generational.

Ted Johnston, media coordinator for GCI Church Administration and Development, USA, interviewed several of SFCC’s members. The video below provides excerpts from some of these interviews, highlighting comments concerning why the members appreciate their church home.

(Theme music by GCI member James Egbert)

2 thoughts on “GCI members in the heart of San Francisco”

  1. I love the multi-culturality and expressions of love, unity and interdependence. I hope we see more of this as we work together to start and support all kinds of churches, for all kinds of people, in all kinds of places. Blessings to Richard and the congregation!

  2. Nancy and I have visited San Francisco Community Fellowship and each visit was memorable. The church doesn’t put out a visible “welcome home” sign but we were welcomed and included as if coming home. The community worships with a strong sense of Jesus Christ’s presence. The hospitality and strong gospel message encourage us to come back.

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