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Denise Olson

A few weeks ago, we requested prayer for Denise Olson, wife of GCI pastor Ray Olson (click here for the original request). Here is an update, written by Denise.

Dear friends and family,

My first memory after the surgery was pain. So when the staff asked me my name and when and where I was, I stubbornly declared my name is PAIN. I thought to myself, they know my name why are they bugging me? Leave me alone or lessen the pain, then I will tell you my name and where we are!

I was pretty much out of it – so some things were said intentionally and some not (drugs make one have to apologize a lot!).

Thursday and Friday were not too bad but Friday night until Saturday night was the worst. My pain and nausea were increasing as my activity increased. I actually felt weaker instead of stronger. I never had an appetite so trying to eat was hard.

I can tell you all in no uncertain terms of the change that followed. God gets all the credit!

My hero Ray came Sunday after church and brought an audio recording of the Bible. From noon Sunday to Monday at 9:00 am, God’s New Testament was read out loud without ceasing. Every hour God’s word strengthened me. I went from pain, nausea and hardly talking or eating, to walking and talking. Everyone was astounded at the advancement in just a day!

My doctor said I was a strong lady. I stand on The Rock – he is my strength. God’s spoken Word was my healing and I will give glory to no other!

I was transferred to a regular room later Monday and discharged Tuesday morning.

How can I thank all of you? I don’t know how, but know this: I felt your prayers and I truly was carried upon them. God heard and acted. Thank you Almighty Lord! And may the Jehovah Rapha who is healing me, bless you.

Mushy, gushy, love to all.

Denise Olson

W6711 State Road 33
Juneau, WI 53039


2 thoughts on “Denise Olson”

  1. Such good news!! We have been thinking of both of you during this time and praying for a good outcome. Our love to both you and Ray.

  2. We are pleased to hear of your improvement, and hope and pray for continued strength during your recovery.
    Thinking of you and get well soon.
    In Christian Love,
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

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