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Joe Dailey

This update is from Evelyn Dailey, who serves as Bernie Schnippert’s administrative assistant in GCI Legal Services in Glendora, CA.

Evelyn and Joe Dailey

My husband Joe, who has had kidney disease for 16 years, now has end stage renal failure. He is on dialysis and is scheduled for kidney transplant surgery on May 4 at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Joe’s sister, Kris, is his donor. We seek your prayers for a successful outcome on that day and a quick and complete recovery for both.

Kris with her brother Joe

We are deeply thankful for God’s guidance and benevolence through this entire process and are profoundly grateful for the gift that Kris is providing. Her willingness to undergo this procedure will allow Joe to discontinue dialysis and regain near optimal health and kidney function. Her acceptance as a donor means that she is in exceptional overall health and should do just fine with the one remaining kidney.

Your ongoing prayers and support have truly been felt and have upheld us through this journey.

With deep appreciation and gratitude,

Joe and Evelyn Dailey

480 S. Orange Grove, Unit 24
Pasadena, CA 91105-1720



2 thoughts on “Joe Dailey”

  1. Dear Joe, Kris and Evelyn,

    You are all in our prayers! May the operation go smoothly and the recovery be quick. I just met with a pastor friend today who gave a kidney to his wife’s cousin, and everything went extremely well.

    Love and blessings to you!

  2. May our caring, loving and healing God – through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – be watchful over the surgery procedure and that Joe and Kris both will have a speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them, as well as to the families.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

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