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Leslie Howard’s book published

Leslie Howard

Leslie K. Howard has had her first book published. Leslie is a ministry leader at 24/7 Community Church, a GCI congregation in Newark, New Jersey, which is pastored by her husband, Frank Howard.

Leslie’s book, which is titled Sisters with S.A.S.S. (Saved, Anointed, Smart and Successful Women of God), examines lives of both biblical and contemporary women who when presented with challenges faced them boldly, courageously and faithfully. These ladies experienced victory by the divine hand of God. Readers find inspiration for their personal journey while delving into the lives of women such as Jochebed, Abigail and Mary, the mother of Jesus. Each account is followed by a narrative from the author’s life. Discussion questions are provided for either personal or group studies.

Leslie’s book is available at Amazon.com and from her online store.

4 thoughts on “Leslie Howard’s book published”

  1. Congrats Leslie. I remember inviting your mother and yr family to church in New Jersey and also the time I helped move yr family. Alot of water under the bridge since then and God is using you and your husband mightily. Love, Richard and Joyce.

  2. Congratulations Leslie – – a wonderful achievement that should be helpful to many.

  3. @Richard J. Frankel I can’t say thank you enough for your love and support to me and my family during those years. You will always hold a very special place in my heart. God bless you and Joyce.

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