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Pam Horchak

This prayer update is from GCI pastor and district pastor Mike Horchak. It provides a follow up to the request made last week.

The results of Pam’s MRI revealed that the cause of her debilitating pain is a severely herniated disc in her lower neck compressing the spinal cord and surrounding nerves with some degeneration of the spine in that area. She still has a good deal of discomfort and will be receiving chiropractic care and physical therapy in an attempt to avoid surgery. Though the disc situation is quite painful, we are grateful that her problem is not life-threatening, as once feared.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the outpouring of love and prayer that we have experienced during this time of need. The support was so comforting and encouraging in every way. The body of Christ truly is the conduit by which Jesus can share his love and compassion with us.

Cards may be sent to:

Mike and Pam Horchak
41120 Adelle Dr
Hammond, LA 70403-7539

4 thoughts on “Pam Horchak”

  1. You are in our prayers. It is good to know it is not
    life-threatening. We hope and pray that chiropractic and PT will be adequate.

  2. Thank you so much for the update – I was just wondering this morning about the results of the MRI. We will continue to pray for healing.

  3. We do hope that the treatments you will be receiving will take care of the pain you are suffering, and that you will not have to have surgery. May you feel better with the arrival of each new day.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  4. Pam and Mike, we will share the update with our congregation; several of them recall working with you on their trip to help bring relief from Katrina. Blessing and relief to our old classmates.

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