Death of Ted Herlofson

We were saddened to learn of the death of Ted Herlofson at age 79 on September 11. Ted was a long-time GCI employee and elder. He began that employment in the art department of the Ambassador College Press in 1969. He then transferred to the church executive office in 1973 and entered the field ministry in 1979. He served churches in Visalia, California; Denver, Colorado; and Coeur D’Alene, Idaho until he retired in 1996. Ted is survived by his wife Opal (Speers) Herlofson.

Cards may be sent to:

Opal Herlofson and Family
Route 1, Box 55
Birch Tree, MO 65438-9613

4 thoughts on “Death of Ted Herlofson”

  1. Dear Opal,

    Please accept our sincere condolences. We will speak a prayer of comfort for you in the assurance that Ted is in safe hands until the Great Resurrection.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. We are so sorry for your loss. May God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, keep you snuggled in His all compassionate arms during this time of loss – and always.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabmaa

  3. In the sometimes wild and wooly 1970s in our fellowship Ted was a rock of stability in the CAD of the period. Even up in faraway Canada we benefited from his statesmanship. A talented but also a classy guy with that inate managerial sense of knowing what was major and what was not. One of the good guys.

    Neil Earle

  4. May God continue to bless and keep you. We pray for strength and courage as you continue your life’s journey. We know death will be or has been conquered and our LORD will return to bring in that wonderful world without pain and suffering. We pray for GOD to speed that day. Love from the FATHER and your sisters in brothers in CHRIST.

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