Death of John Halford

John enjoying one of his favorite activities

We were saddened to learn that John Halford has died. Here is an announcement and words of tribute and thanks from John’s daughter, Becki Halford Brown:

Tonight [Tuesday, October 21], one last time, we kissed our dad and told him we love him. He died peacefully in his sleep at 6:45pm. He was a wonderful teacher, caring mentor, humorous writer and loving husband, father, brother and pop-pop. His love for the underdog was unwavering and he saw potential in people and places that others didn’t.

Thanks to so many friends from around the world that have expressed their concern and offered prayers and thoughts for dad and our family. We appreciate that you have shared this journey with us. We’ll miss you, Dad and look forward to seeing you again!

Please pray for John’s family (pictured below), including his wife Pat (standing next to John).

Halford family

Cards may be sent to:

Pat Halford
5836 South State Road 129
Versailles, IN 47042

Here is information about memorial services and remembrances for John:

  • On Friday, October 24, from 5-8L00pm, there will be visiting hours at the Stratton-Karsteter Funeral Home. 1114 South Ripley Estates Drive, Versailles, IN. That will be followed at 8:00pm with a special service conducted by the Versailles Lion’s Club.
  • On Saturday, October 25, there will be a visiting hour from 10-11:00 am at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 5869 S. State Rd 129, Versailles, IN. That will be followed by a Memorial Service at 11:00 am at the same location.
  • In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, the Versailles Lion’s Club or to a charitable fund that has been established to aid families in Haiti (checks can be mailed to CFC-Haiti, P.O. BOX 13609 Hamilton, OH 45013). All three were very close to John’s heart.
  • John’s obituary will be posted at

Embedded below is a GCI video produced before John’s battle with cancer. It tells John’s story and nicely expresses his approach to life. John will be missed but not forgotten.

On YouTube at

12 thoughts on “Death of John Halford”

  1. I attended a conference a few years ago with lots of exciting smaller classes speaking of recent approaches at GCI. In the audience (NOT in front of the classroom) was Mr. John Halford. During this discussion, he didn’t say much but afterwards, I marveled at what he DID say in retrospect about how the potter knows what He is creating as we simply spin along. With that, I’ve been receptive as I heard an older man accept each of these changes with such wisdom and grace. I still thought he should have been teaching the class but in a way, he WAS!

  2. Joe’s point about how John could see potential in people and situations no one else could see stays riveted in my memory as someone who appreciated John’s writing gift. In the 1990s days at Editorial Gene Hogberg would say John was the best “title-giver” in the WCG. And how. Going to interview Jimmy Carter at Habitat in S Dakota became “Little Houses on the Prairie,” (I still envy that one!) Visiting a slag heap outside Birmingham or similar became “Where the Industrial Revolution Began”–I told him, John, where do you…??? “Groping in the LIGHT” was his clever way to present the New Physics which he loved!! This was a friendly and clever overture for both Science and Religion to make amends.

    And the time would fail me to say more but you can skim back issues and see them for yourself. Rest well, my globetrotting friend, you deserved it

  3. Mr John Halford did A LOT for me as an individual, and to us as a church – GCI MALAYSIA. He is truly light and salt, a most wonderful servant of The Wonderful GOD.
    May all the good that he did for so many be turned to unbounded BLESSINGS for his family – down to many
    generations, as tho good Lord said in his holy words.
    My hope is to meet up with him once again, yonder, God-helping.

  4. John will surely be missed by many. Our prayers are with his whole family. May the grace and the love of the Lord comfort them in their time of loss.

  5. Pastor John Halford reached many in far and wide places… Far away as Ghana in West Africa. His humour and wit was a great tool he used to drive home the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you John for knowing us even in Ghana. Rest until the trumpet sounds.

  6. A wonderful servant who is sadly missed. John was the first pastor I met in 1967 and who baptized me the following year. Have many memorable experiences with John over the years when he was our pastor in Australia and particularly in Spokesmen’s club where his drive and renown wit was always welcome. Can’t wait to hear his next joke. Our thoughts and Prayer are with Pat and the family.

  7. John was my first contact with CGI,formerly known as WCG. I wrote him a letter from Pittsburgh where I was studying, asking him if there were any church members in Malaysia. He was then the Regional Director in Australia. He wrote me a very nice and encouraging letter asking me to attend and meet him after my return. He visited Malaysia many times that we consider him local. He has been a very good friend and mentor to all of us here in Malaysia. His wit and humor was exceptional and spontaneous. I (with my family) was spending my sabbatical in Ambassador College and he was always there for us when we needed help. He was also instrumental in launching the Plain Truth (Malaysia) magazine about 12 years ago. He gave many seminars on how to write good articles that grab people’s attention. Initially, he edited our articles (needless to say, with many red marks!). Later, he coached and guided us so that we could be on our own. He did that so skillfully and successfully. Now we manage the magazine on our own. We still consulted him from time to time. He was here in Malaysia just last year and we were saddened to hear that had cancer. Just yesterday, we heard that he died. John left a lasting impression on all of us here and we will certainly miss him for a long time to come. Oh I forgot, his recent article “Quantum Christmas” with Tkach was so moving that I read many times. Thank you John for touching our lives in a profound way. We will see you soon in the kingdom and will be hearing your jokes again. Pat (and family), please take care. God bless. Sellappan

  8. While I was traveling with Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Tkach, Sr., John was often traveling with us. He was a joy to be around – always ready with a joke or funny quip, but also very, very good at his job, which was to put together information for videos documenting our trips. I consider him a dear friend, and will surely miss him. My love and prayers to Pat and the rest of the family.
    Larry Dietrich

  9. We thank GOD for the many years of service to so many people around the world. We have been on many of those trips and have always found Mr. Halford and his precious wife Pat to be very loving and accommodating. We always had a lot of fun and have fond memories of those times. We thank GOD for his life on this side and look forward to being with him on the other side. We continue to pray for the family and close friends who we know will have an emptiness and void, none other but JESUS can fill. Love to all those who loved him. He indeed was one of a kind and loved life so much. God will comfort the aching hearts. HE is the GOD of all comfort.

  10. Brenda and I are thinking of Pat and the family – what a loss! Like the words of the song, he is “gone too soon.” John’s friendship and encouragement meant so much to me. When he was UK Regional Director he suggested that we get together for a meal whenever I was in London, maybe achieved once or twice a year from New Zealand when I was in London for a scientific meeting. Those meals (he paid!) were precious! John was was one of the few people in the church I could really share my passion for science with. He understood, and was supportive and encouraging. His wisdom, good humour and breadth of mind were liberating. We were privileged to entertain John and Pat in our home in Wellington some years ago and it was an even greater treat when I stayed with John and Pat in 2007. John enthusiastically walked me all over his amazing property in Versailles, proudly showing off his forest, butterfly meadow and stream. I think he had found paradise. How I miss him!

  11. Words cannot describe the loss Joanna and I feel. Besides our parents, John had the greatest impact on our lives and he will be greatly missed. His compassion, generosity, humor and servant leadership was a gift of God to all he met.
    Our hearts go out to Pat, Becki, Judy and their families. God bless you all and may He give you the courage to follow in John’s footsteps.
    We look forward to seeing John in the Kingdom where pain, sickness and death will no longer exist.
    Joanna & Joe D’Costa

  12. My lady Pat, condolences, I like others met John early in his Australian career. Baptized in 1968 I think at John’s behest I spent 2 years in spokesman club trying to understand him, and him me. I am not sure he managed. However, he is still the best person to have come into my life and he will be long thought about.
    All the best, David.

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