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Bob Persky

Thanks for praying for Bob Persky concerning his open-heart surgery. On December 17, Bob underwent quadruple bypass surgery along with heart valve replacement. He did well and remains in the hospital recovering. Please pray for his rapid and complete recovery and also for his wife Kay who had heart surgery of her own several months ago.

Cards may be sent to:

Bob and Kay Persky
129 Star Point Lane
Weatherford, TX 76088-6409

10 thoughts on “Bob Persky”

  1. Praying for your speedy and complete recovery of both of you. I’m looking forward to a favorable update soon.
    Keep Smilin’

  2. To a former district boss of mine for a BRIEF period, we are thankful that things have gone well so far, and pray for further improvement in the health of each of you. May 2015 be kinder and gentler for you!
    Hazel & JR

  3. You have many loving prayers being lifted up to our Master in the Orlando congregation. Be encouraged, Christ is with you no matter what you go through.
    with loving prayers,

  4. All the best to you and Kay. Pauline and I are praying for a complete and speedy recovery for both of you.

  5. Dear Bob and Kay, Happy to hear surgery went well. Marcia & I can relate. She had two valves replaced and one repaired with also a pacemaker 5 yrs ago and has been going 110 percent… Trusting him you also will be well and “hitting on all 12 cylinders” soon. On behalf of the Bowling Green, KY fellowship we pray for full recovery with fond memories of your time and service in Bowling Green. Love ya!

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