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The Nicene Creed’s Trinitarian roots

nicene-creedIs GCI’s incarnational, Trinitarian theology a recent innovation? Some make that claim. But a careful study of the history of theology says otherwise. In fact, the Nicene Creed of 325 A.D., which codified for the church a doctrinal statement that has stood the test of time, was formed in accordance with the incarnational, Trinitarian theology of its framers. In his book The Trinitarian Faith, Thomas F. Torrance makes this point, carefully tracing out the creed’s historical development and examining its theological framework.

A post on GCI’s The Surprising God blog summarizes the key points of Torrance’s book and provides a helpful study of the Nicene Creed. You’ll find the post at http://thesurprisinggodblog.gci.org/p/nicene-creed.html.

2 thoughts on “The Nicene Creed’s Trinitarian roots”

  1. A book recommendation:

    Alistair McGrath in his helpul book “I Believe”‘(IVS ISBN 0-8308-1946-0), explores the Apostles’ Creed, including some practical questions and applications.

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