Harry Garden

Harry Garden, long-time GCI elder in the Wichita, Kansas area is in hospice care and his wife Mary Ann was told on April 7 that Harry has only a couple of days left. He has mesothelioma, a condition likely brought on by years of working with asbestos in construction.

GardenDespite being very weak and now no longer able to eat, Harry has been a joy to his caregivers in the hospital and now hospice care. When asked how he feels, he says he “is going to meet Jesus sooner than he expected.”

Harry’s pastor Don Engle, who also is a hospice chaplain, is helping care for Harry and Mary Ann (seated at right in the picture). Don reports that their faith “remains very strong even though Harry is having quite a rough time.”

The family requests prayers that Harry’s transition from this life to the next will be as comfortable as possible. Cards may be sent to:

Harry & Mary Ann Garden
11412 Sheriac
Wichita, KS 67209-4096

4 thoughts on “Harry Garden”

  1. Our prayers join those of others around GOD’s throne for HIS will to be done. We pray for comfort, strength and encouragement for all who love Mr. Garden. We are thankful for the wonderful plan GOD has for us in the eternal. The adjustment to the situation will be covered by the love GOD has shown us through HIS SON and our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. HE is the GOD of all comfort.

  2. May the peace and comfort that can only come from our Lord be with you all. Yes, going to be with Jesus…awesome! A sad time, yet a time to rejoice as well.
    Blessings From Your Church Family in Alabama,
    New Outlook Christian Fellowship
    Pastor Rannie Childress

  3. Harry and Mary Ann, our prayers are with you and for all of you. I have wonderful memories of you from my teen years and you were a blessing in many ways. Thanks for your example of faith then and now. We’ll see you again.

  4. The Lord is with you every step of the way. May His presence fill you with assurance and peace.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

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