Sunday school curriculum

Epic badgeThe teaching curriculum for this year’s Generations Ministries’ camps is titled Epic Story. As a companion, Gary Weldon, one of the staff members at the GenMin Pathways Camp in Ohio, wrote a curriculum with a similar theme for use with pre-teen campers. It’s titled JJ’s Epic Adventure. It would make an excellent curriculum to use in children’s Sunday school classes. Feel free to use it for that purpose.

The curriculum is a wonderfully spun tale of JJ and friends encountering the Story Master, Ranger Chris and Umoya (the characters of the Trinity) at Epic Academy. The friends experience the unconditional love of the Lord and come to realize their personal story isn’t as boring and insignificant as they once thought; their stories are part of a much grander tale—the Epic Story! They find the adventure with God is full of life!

You will find JJ’s Epic Adventure curriculum along with a leader’s guide posted at The graphic above can be used for name tags for the kids. Our thanks to Gary for his good work!