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Jaron Sanders

In August, a new cohort entered the GCI Intern Program (for details, click here). Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to some of these new interns. This week we want you to meet Jaron Sanders.

Jaron and Mike Swagerty

Following graduation from Bethune Cookman University in Florida, Jaron returned to his GCI home congregation in Sacramento, California, where he now is interning with Lead Pastor Mike Swagerty (pictured with Jaron at right). Here is Jaron’s testimony:

Though it took me a while to discover, I came to understand that, at the most basic level, our purpose as humans is to glorify God. It was such a relief to discover this—it freed me from beating myself over the head with “What am I supposed to do?” The answer is that I am supposed to trust and follow God—to walk in a manner pleasing to him. The details will come!

In college I studied mass communications with the intent of becoming a broadcast journalist, but it did not fulfill me. At the time, I was throwing myself into extra-curricular ministry activities, and found that this is what makes my heart beat! Eventually I realized that I was called to full-time ministry. I love seeing people experience the loving presence of Jesus.

Jaron is receiving free housing from Tim and Linda Wakeley (pictured with Jaron below), a generous couple in the Sacramento congregation.

Jaron with

Welcome to the GCI Intern Program, Jaron. Our prayers are with you. And Mike, Tim, Linda and the Sacramento congregation, thanks for all you are doing to support Jaron at this important time in his life and ministry with Christ.


To learn more about the GCI Intern Program, click here.

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  1. All the best to you, Jaron! May God richly bless you as you pursue his will for your life.

    New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
    Big Sandy, Texas

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