Birth of Williams’ granddaughter

We’re pleased to announce the birth of Emory Grace Williams, first grandchild of Greg and Susan Williams. Greg is the director of GCI-USA Church Administration and Development, and Susan is the registrar of Grace Communion Seminary. Emory Grace is the daughter of Greg and Susan’s son Glenn and his wife Crystal of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Congratulations to all!

Emory Grace Williams

7 thoughts on “Birth of Williams’ granddaughter”

  1. Congratulations… Your first Grandchild will be the sweetest memory… ENJOY … I have 7 and I appreciate and treasure every one of them as you will too..
    God Bless

  2. Congratulations Greg and Susan and Glenn and Crystal! What a precious little girl!

    With Love,

    PD and Emma Lee

  3. Congratulations to the whole family on the birth of that precious grandchild. A wonderful new chapter in life. It was great seeing you, Greg and Susan, in October.

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