In honor of ministry spouses

God has richly blessed GCI with hundreds of faithful pastoral leaders. For them we give thanks! And we also thank God for their spouses—the wives and husbands who make great sacrifices, bearing significant burdens to support their spouses’ ministries. In honor of our ministry spouses (most of whom are women), wanting us all to be aware of the challenges they face, and wanting to extend encouragement to those spouses themselves, we recommend reading these two articles:


One thought on “In honor of ministry spouses”

  1. Oh how I love you, let me count the ways! My wife and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in January. I thought hard and long as to what to do for the two of us, and maybe where to go, that might be exciting, and fulfilling. I had many ideas through the month of December but not a one struck my fancy as to what might be impressive for my wife. The one I might have leaned toward was going to the place of our honeymoon where we stayed so many years ago, but that did not seem to fit just right in my mind.

    So what to do, then it dawned on me, just as is implied here in this couple of articles, my wife needed to be honored! That was it, the past 40 years was so much about her I secretively went to my son and daughter-in law to get help and we were off and rolling. A surprise party in honor of my wife’s years of dedicated service. We sent out invites, letting all know that this was a special time for honoring her at our anniversary; honoring my wife Linda.

    Relatives came, friends abounded, and with a wonderful lunch and a presentation from her hubby, in her honor, she went home with me walking on the clouds. She was uplifted; and in turn when home, she turned to me and lifted me up by saying this marriage is not just about me you know, you David, are the other half! What a joy as we praised our Lord for 40 years together!
    I write this to honor all whom have put their hands to the plow, and stayed with their mates in thick and thin! God Bless all you laddies, as you serve Jesus and your partner!

    Sincerely, David & Linda Husmann

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