Dishon Mills

In March, we requested prayer for Pastor Dishon Mills who was anticipating oral surgery. The surgery is now complete and Dishon sends this praise report:

Dishon Mills 2
Dishon Mills

We serve an awesome, wonder-working God! The only word that adequately describes my surgery is miraculous. My doctor said my tooth came out with minimal effort. This is atypical. Once he removed the tooth, he was able to clearly see my nerve, which he said was very unusual in cases like mine. He had no trouble avoiding severing it as he removed the cyst. As far as outcomes, my procedure was as good as it gets. No fractured jaw and no severed nerve.

I am managing my pain well enough and the swelling is not bad. Although my nerve was not severed, it was traumatized by the surgery. The left side of my mouth is numb, but I get a little more feeling back each day. I’m taking it slow. I have to eat like a baby for a week and then I’ll be able to eat like a toddler. I will also have to be careful with my jaw as my bone grows back. All-in-all, I’m doing well.

Thank you for your love and prayers. God willing. I should be back in action next weekend. To God be the glory!

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  1. Doctors help,but God heals… Let’s always praise Him…Yes, to Him be the Glory!You look strong,that’s encouraging,

  2. Dishon, we lift our voices in praise with you! You have been on our GCI Bermuda Intercessory Prayer list, as well as our Prayer Group list…Our God is indeed such an Awesome God, and we are so thankful that He has allowed us to ‘stand in the gap’ with you during this difficult time. We’ll continue to pray that your healing will soon be complete!

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