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Deben Sam

Prayer is requested for Deben Sam (pictured below), GCI’s ministry partner in Nepal. Deben’s wife Manju informed us that Deben is very sick and has been hospitalized. He is suffering from high blood pressure and blood sugar, vomiting, severe headaches, and double vision.


3 thoughts on “Deben Sam”

  1. Prayers are going up. May GOD comfort and heal. It is by HIS stripes we are healed.

  2. We are so sorry to hear about your illness. Our prayers are for a complete recovery. May God be with both you and Manju during this difficult time.

  3. And God’s people raised their voices saying: “Great God in Heaven, have mercy upon us. Remember your servants. Grant us the peace and assurance that you only can give. Extend your grace and peace. In you we trust and to you we commend our lives”.

    God is with you!

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