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Death of Tom Pickett’s son Andrew

We were saddened to learn that early Sunday morning, September 11, Andrew Pickett, son of GCI Pastor Tom Pickett, died following a stroke he suffered several days earlier. Andrew was taken off life support on Saturday night.

You may recall that Tom’s wife Adrienne died earlier this year (click here for the report). Please pray for Tom, his surviving son David, and the rest of the extended family in their time of grief and recovery.

Here is a note that Tom posted earlier this week on Facebook:

The Picketts a few years ago: (L to R): David, Adrienne, Tom and Andrew.
The Picketts a few years ago:
(L to R) David, Adrienne, Tom and Andrew

My dear family and friends, how can I state the profound truth that God loves us all unconditionally. He has received his precious child Andrew to be with his mother Adrienne in heaven. His organs will be given to others who need them to live full lives on this earth, and he lives on in the spirit. Thank you for your many and heartfelt prayers for Andrew, for me and for his wife and the rest of our extended family. Your continued prayers are appreciated as we move forward into our futures.

Cards may be sent to:

Tom Pickett
1206 Sproles Drive
Benbrook, TX 76126

9 thoughts on “Death of Tom Pickett’s son Andrew”

  1. Tom,
    So sorry to hear this sad news. You are in our prayers and we know the Lord will comfort and sustain you and your family at this difficult time. With our love, Ray and Carol Meyer

  2. I cannot even begin to express the depth of my empathy with Tom and David and family, as well as Andrews wife and children. I have never experienced this depth of grief, so I can only pray for your healing and grace. You will always be in my prayers as you always have as I can only pray for your healing and grace. You will always be in my prayers as you always have been. I love you guys! Love, Elaine

  3. Our prayers are with you. GOD will comfort you and give you strength. HE is faithful and HIS promises are sure.

  4. Dear friend, Tom ~ I express deep condolences for your double loss. But this is not the end of the story ~ just the end of this chapter. God is already giving you comfort at this difficult time. Thankfully, we don’t grieve as those who have no hope. God bless you, dear Friend.

  5. In the face of terrible tragedies our pain screams out. As Christians we mourn and deeply feel the void that the loss of our loved ones create in our lives. And yet, it is in our darkest moments that the anchor of our eternal hope helps us to remain firm in the conviction that the darkness cannot overcome the light and the promised eternal life that God has given us in and through Christ. Keep holding on to that reality.

    We are praying for the entire family.

  6. It has been many years since I last saw you in college…in the 70’s. So sorry for your tragic year of loss. I can’t imagine your grief, but pray for you and that “peace that passes all understanding”.
    God bless you.

  7. So sad to hear about Andrew. I had just met him for the first time at the recent Dallas Conference–what a wonderful sense of humor and sharp mind! I look forward to continuing our relationship in the Full Kingdom. Tom, David, Andrew’s family and all hurting: May you know and feel God’s loving embrace today.

  8. So sorry to hear of your loss. We cannot know the depth of your pain and loss, but we will pray for you and your family.

  9. Dear Tom and family,

    Although we have never experienced it, losing a child must be an incredibly unique sense of loss and pain. You certainly are in our prayers.

    Don & Alix

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