Experiencing the Trinity retreat

A 72-hour Experiencing the Trinity retreat was held recently at Garaywa Camp and Conference Center in Clinton, Mississippi. Participants (pictured below) came from Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida. The retreat was led by Odyssey in Christ spiritual directors, Dr. Larry Hinkle and Gracie Johnson, along with pastoral couple John and Cathy Novick.


The retreat was a new and refreshing experience for many of the participants, allowing for combined intellectual and experiential understanding of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each day focused on a person of the Trinity, with activities designed to foster a more personal walk with God. Here are comments from some of the participants:

This retreat was an open door for my personal relationship with God to become more intimate and real. You learn to slow down, relax and open your heart to God. Every believer should make plans to attend and realize you will see and experience God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) like never before. The staff…makes you feel included and gives all the attention necessary to experience God’s unconditional love. It is a wonderful blessing!  –Mike Horchak

It was deeply meaningful, inspiring and spiritually replenishing. Underneath the main theme of “Experiencing the Trinity,” following God’s admonition to “be still and know that I am God” was absolutely thrilling! You don’t often associate coming to a complete stop with “thrilling,” but that’s what it was! I hope more and more people can attend this retreat in years to come and experience God in personal, new ways”  –Dave Huffman

The Odyssey in Christ retreat was a real treat, walking in the woods with the Father, Jesus and then the Holy Spirit. I appreciate the lesson in silence and solitude; shutting out all the noise helps one to focus on prayer and meditation resulting in getting closer to God. –Walt Baudoin

This retreat was a new experience, but it was the best experience I have had. Learning about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit the way they were talked about this weekend was amazing. I and my friends have not stopped talking about it. Everyone we have told wants to attend. Having experienced this retreat makes me want to live my life out in Christ more than ever. –Eula Crowell