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Tim Maguire and Mozambique mission

As we reported last week, Tim Maguire (pictured at right), GCI’s National Director for South Africa, broke his leg while on his way with a mission team to drill water wells and share the gospel in Mozambique. The team had stopped to repair their drilling rig trailer when Tim’s leg was broken. The break was severe enough that Tim had to be flown to Johannesburg for surgery. The surgery has been successfully completed, and he is convalescing.

The rest of the mission team (including GCI-USA Pastor David Botha, who is involved on behalf of GenMin’s Grace Missions) remains in Mozambique to follow through on the well-drilling plan. Unfortunately, the team is having problems with vehicles breaking down—a huge challenge in this “underserviced” part of the world. Please keep them in your prayers. Here is a recent update from David concerning the team’s progress:

We had the wonderful opportunity to worship with the local church here in Chimoio [Mozambique] today [Sunday, April 9]. I love how the folks here in Africa take musical worship to the next level. With only one hand drum and a rubber mallet, they filled the world with music for at least an hour. I didn’t understand the words, but the Spirit drove me to tears. Tomorrow we try to get the vehicles fixed.

Visiting the Chimoio congregation (David Botha is at left).

2 thoughts on “Tim Maguire and Mozambique mission”

  1. Thank you for caring. It is always beautiful to see how God’s Spirit moves hearts towards noble purposes. The Father’s love never ceases.
    May the Lord provide protection and guidance as you reach out to touch and enrich the lives of our African family.

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