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Glen Weber

Glen and Connie Weber and grandbaby

Prayer is requested for retired GCI Pastor Glen Weber who will have a surgical procedure on Friday, June 30, to treat a heart condition (atrial fibrillation). Glen’s heart rate has been running high and his blood pressure has been running low, significantly impacting how he feels. In the procedure, the doctors will insert catheters into his legs to access his heart, then locate and treat the spot in his heart that is currently misfiring. If all goes as planned, he will leave the hospital that evening with the problem permanently fixed. Within a month he should be off his medication. Please pray that this will be the outcome, and that Glen will be restored to full health.

Cards may be sent to:

Glen and Connie Weber
22461 E Powers Place
Aurora, CO 80015

10 thoughts on “Glen Weber”

  1. Dear Glen,

    Our prayers are with you. We’ll be interceding for a successful procedure and a rapid recovery.


  2. Glen, old friend!

    Sorry to hear of your heart problem. Praying for you for a great outcome, and health for you and Connie!

    Gordon and Candace McKill

  3. Glen, I pray that the operation is performed with the greatest of skill and that you experience a speedy recovery. Two members of our local fellowship recently had this very same operation and both experienced an immediate positive difference in how they felt followed by a steady improvement in their overall health. May you experience the same. Blessings from NH.

  4. Praying for you, my brother, for a successful surgery, quick recovery and good health and the peace of our Lord through it all.

  5. Mr. Weber praying for a speedy recovery for you. God be with you and family.

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