News from Canada

Here from National Director Gary Moore is news from GCI-Canada.

Bibles distributed in Kenya

GCI-Canada has numerous international mission projects, some funded from GCI-Canada’s International Missions Fund and the rest funded by local churches. Recently, Eric Vautour and the Moncton and Saint John New Brunswick congregations he pastors funded the purchase of Bibles for distribution in our GCI refugee congregations in Kenya.  At right is a picture of those Bibles being distributed. Numerous members attending our Canadian churches formerly attended these congregations in Kenya.

Canadian national office moving

The GCI-Canada national office will be moved to Saskatoon in the first half of 2018. The move is due to several factors including National Director Gary Moore’s retirement in 2018 and the overheated housing market in the lower mainland of British Columbia where the office is currently located making housing too expensive for national office staff. A mid-sized city like Saskatoon offers all the benefits required for GCI-Canada’s national office, without many of the costs. In addition, Saskatoon is centrally located with a modern airport, which means travel costs will be reduced.