Richard Frankel

Richard and Joyce Frankel

We have learned that GCI pastor Richard Frankel recently suffered a minor stroke and spent one night in the hospital. Though his speech is slighlty slurred, the doctors feel it will return to normal within the next week or so. Thanks for praying for his complete and rapid recovery.

Cards may be sent to:

Richard and Joyce Frankel
6905 67th Street
Unit 214
Kenosha WI 53142

23 thoughts on “Richard Frankel”

  1. Thank you for your loving kindness to the many of us !!! through the years!!! My prayers for your quick recovery and peace from God are
    with you!!!!

  2. Dear Richard and Joyce,

    We pray for God’s love to be powerfully manifested so that you may through His grace be comforted and deeply encouraged.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

  3. Richard and Joyce
    We were saddened to hear the news of your stroke but heartened to hear of a prognosis of full recovery. Hard to believe, but Karen and I have known you for just over 50 years, going back to college days and early married years in England. We know you Richard to be a warm and engaging minister, and we are thankful to be counted among your many friends around the world who will pray for you, joining your family. Our love and prayers
    Greg and Karen

  4. We’re praying for you. You served us hamburgers, corn on the cob and BEER in Jerusalem in 1972 while we were there as part of the “Dig”. Take it one day at a time.

    Ken & Cathy (McGee) Emerson

  5. Dear Richard and Joyce,

    We pray God’s healing mercies and tender care and comfort are with you and your family specially at this tame of challenge while you progress to a full recovery.

    Pedro and Brigida

  6. Richard and Joyce,
    Our prayers are with you, just as yours have been for us over the 30 plus years. Your faith in God has been a great example for so many people.

    Tom and Jacque Bartell

  7. In our prayers for a full recovery soon, jaldi, jaldi acha ho jawo!
    Thank you for your wonderful ministry to this day.
    much love, Bharat & Uri Naker

  8. Get well soon friend. You’ve been a faithful servant with kind words to many people for many years. Praying that the Holy Spirit strengthens you as you heal.

    Todd Woods

  9. Get well old friend–our prayers are with you–my first week at AC and feeling a bit homesick you reminded me so much of my cousin–you struck me as the most friendly guy there. How God has used your gift of humor and enthusiasm over the years from mission trips across India and Africa to the years on the Big Dig to the inner cities of America–you’ve made a difference–and don’t forget “God save the Queen!”

  10. Richard – you have been a faithful servant and a kind heart for a very long time (not that this makes you OLD of course!). May God bless your recovery. Best wishes to you and Joyce.

  11. Our prayers are with you Richard for a full recovery. You have shown kindness to so many of us over the years, and may God bless you and Joyce.

  12. Dear Richard and Joyce: Barb and I are remembering you during this season. What a remarkable example of love to each other and those who you have served you have been…and no doubt will continue to be. Love to you and your wonderful family!

  13. Will never forget the 1983 Feast in Israel: your presence there with your wealth of information regarding the archaeological activity going on at the time, and your knowledge of the history and background of Israel so greatly enriched our experience. Will be praying for your full recovery.

  14. Richard, You have been a wonderful servant of God and have taught so many so much. Much love to you my friend! May God bless you and Joyce in your recovery.

  15. Mr. Frankel & Joyce
    Prayers are with you and the family. Will let others know as well. I can never thank you enough for all you did for us in the past.

  16. Praying for your complete recovery. Fond memories of you and the entire family. – Brian and Shelby

  17. Prayers and best wishes Richard for a full recovery. I well remember you at the feasts in Jordan and Israel back in the ’80s. You seemed to have endless energy and enthusiasm back then. May our loving Father wrap his healing arms around you and restore your health. Kind regards to your dear wife also.

  18. Hey Richard & Joyce, you’ve always had and exemplified the Big Picture: Love God, Love One Another, Love All People. Thanks for being a giver and encourager. Bless you and yours. Lloyd and Marcia.

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