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Jim Kissee

In November 2016, we requested prayer for Jim Kissee, pastor of GCI’s congregation in Springfield, MO. Jim had been diagnosed with abdominal cancer and underwent surgery, from which he recovered well. However, the cancer has returned, as Jim notes in this follow-up report:

Jim Kissee

My cancer has returned, as sarcomas in the abdomen frequently do. Though it is pressing on the liver, gall bladder, diaphragm, colon and lesser vena cava, so far, it has not invaded those structures. I will be going through five weeks of therapy starting March 19 at the Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. ViewRay is a guided radiation therapy and fairly new (about six years old). The doctors feel this is a good fit to treat abdominal Lyposarcoma. When the radiation therapy is over, I will most likely have follow-up surgery.

Jim also reports he is doing quite well and is able to fully get around, exercise, etc., though he is not looking forward to what, hopefully, will be only a few weeks of curtailed activity.

Please pray for Jim and for his wife Kaye. Cards may be sent to:

Jim and Kaye Kissee
601 N. 36th St
Nixa, MO

3 thoughts on “Jim Kissee”

  1. Dear Jim and Kaye,
    So sorry the cancer returned. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers as you go to St. Louis for therapy and for following surgery if needed. God will provide all your needs through His mercy and grace. Ray and Carol Meyer

  2. Dear Jim and Kaye,

    We will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Be strong and of good courage! The love of our Father and our Lord Jesus will carry you through this challenging time.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

  3. Greetings Jim,
    Thinking of you old friend. I have happy memories of our days at the Dig 1985 and our long walk back to the Kibbutz getting lost and our later swim in the sea of Galilee.
    Sending our very warm greetings and prayer a full recovery.
    Many blessings .. Hope we can get together one of these days
    ..Roger L

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