5 thoughts on “Eric & Edna Vautour”

  1. Both of you have been a blessing to us in Montreal while you were here. Thank you for being great examples of Christ at work in this world.

  2. Dear Edna and Eric,

    Thanks so much for the many years of service to the church. The journey has been bumpy at times and not without pain. And yet, through it all, you have stayed the course and have kept trusting the Lord for guidance.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

  3. It is inspiring to read and feel the story of life transformation of Eric and Edna. Although we have never met that I know of (and may never meet this side of eternity), I feel a brotherly love toward both of these co-believers.

  4. What a blessing to “meet” you Eric and Edna, and especially to call you brother and sister! Thank you for all you do in following God’s lead and for sharing with us His light through your lives.
    ~ Carrie & Greg Osborne

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