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Thankful for small church pastors

Though our congregations are small, the hearts of GCI’s pastors and facilitators are big—wide open to the lead of the Holy Spirit who forms and sends the church. However, because their congregations are small, some GCI pastors suffer under the unjustified perception that there is something wrong with them. Karl Vaters seeks to correct that misperception in a Christianity Today article, where he notes that

there are millions of small church pastors doing great, kingdom-building work with little or no budget, little or no facilities and little or no salary. Yet every day they bear as much, if not more pastoral burden as their full-time big church counterparts. All without recognition for the extraordinary sacrifices they make (not that they’re expecting any). They teach the Word, pray for the sick, comfort the hurting, visit the forgotten and more. Often while putting in 40 or more hours at another job to pay the bills. (Click here to read the full article.)

We in GCI are very grateful for our pastors (they are superheroes in our book!). We encourage you to join us in the Home Office in praying for them. May God bless each of them, and through them bless our congregations as we seek to fulfill our vision of Healthy Church.

5 thoughts on “Thankful for small church pastors”

  1. Thank you, Pastors!!!
    We appreciate all that you are and all that you do. We also recognize and thank your families for sharing you with us!

  2. A big thank you to all our pastors! Though your responsibilities are many, working alongside the Holy Spirit, you faithfully shepherd God’s people. Never forget what a special calling you have! May God continue to bless you and your ministries.

  3. Great article! God has made sure that it won’t be just the larger churches who get great pastors. He has prepared plenty of them to distribute to the smaller churches too.

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