Baptisms in New York

Posted by GCI Update on June 27, 2018 under GCI News | 8 Comments to Read

Hands for Christ Community Church, GCI’s congregation for the deaf in Staten Island, NY, was blessed with a wonderful baptismal day recently. Six members were baptized into Christ in Pastor Mary Bacheller’s swimming pool. Here are pictures and a video (Pastor Mary is in the dark blue shirt):


On YouTube at

  • Becky Deuel said,

    So happy to see so many making a commitment to living as a child of the Father, Son and Spirit.

  • Franklin Guice said,

    What a wonderful day of rejoicing that is recorded forever! So thankful for these brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

  • Santiago Lange said,


    The Lord bless and keep you.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

  • angie tabin said,

    We rejoice together with you all!

    Congratulations to all the newly baptized brethren!

    Welcome to the family of God!



  • Pedro Rufian Mesa said,


    Welcome to the family. We are happy and rejoycing for and with you!

    Love and blessings,
    Pedro and Brigida

  • Thomas Friedrich said,

    What a blessing! Thank you for sharing this wonderful good news. May God continue to bless these babes in Christ with the gifts of the Spirit…

    Thom & Marlene

  • Ken Williams said,

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring event Mary. Jesus and you are making new disciples. Nancy and I share in this joy with you and your church.

    Ken and Nancy

  • Andrew Gahadzikwa said,

    Wonderful news we rejoice with those baptised as we welcome them to the family of the almighty.

    Living and sharing the gospel