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Baptisms in New York

Hands for Christ Community Church, GCI’s congregation for the deaf in Staten Island, NY, was blessed with a wonderful baptismal day recently. Six members were baptized into Christ in Pastor Mary Bacheller’s swimming pool. Here are pictures and a video (Pastor Mary is in the dark blue shirt):

On YouTube at https://youtu.be/uQA8sPzUiRg.

8 thoughts on “Baptisms in New York”

  1. Congratulations!
    So happy to see so many making a commitment to living as a child of the Father, Son and Spirit.

  2. What a wonderful day of rejoicing that is recorded forever! So thankful for these brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

  3. We rejoice together with you all!

    Congratulations to all the newly baptized brethren!

    Welcome to the family of God!



  4. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing this wonderful good news. May God continue to bless these babes in Christ with the gifts of the Spirit…

    Thom & Marlene

  5. Thank you for sharing this inspiring event Mary. Jesus and you are making new disciples. Nancy and I share in this joy with you and your church.

    Ken and Nancy

  6. Wonderful news we rejoice with those baptised as we welcome them to the family of the almighty.

    Living and sharing the gospel

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