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Devotional – The Good Shepherd

Sheep with ShepherdI am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me (John 10:14).

Shepherds and their sheep have deeply intimate relationships. Jesus our good shepherd knows us by name and guides us through life’s valleys and mountaintops. When we run the other way, he goes in search of us! His relentless love pursues us. Our good shepherd laid down his life for us, knowing the details of all we would think and do. He didn’t redeem our ideal lives – he sacrificed himself to redeem the actual life we are living today.

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.” With these words, Jesus is not only revealing a truth about who he is, but how he feels about us. He knows and loves our whole story. Sheep are utterly dependent animals. They physically cannot rest until all their needs are met. In the comforting presence of Jesus we can relax and let go of our fears.

Prayer: Jesus, we thank you that you are faithful to supply all my needs. Help me to see how you providing for me today, and make me aware of how I can share your love and provision with those around me.


By Michelle Fleming


7 thoughts on “Devotional – The Good Shepherd”

  1. Thank you Jesus, for your presence….ever with me.
    Help me see you, others & myself as you do, while accepting your invitations & opportunities to love, you, myself & others.

  2. I’ve heard it said that a shepherd has soft hands and smells like his sheep. Soft hands because of the lanolin in the wool and the constant touching by the shepherd to check for sores and the health of the sheep. Smell like the sheep because they spend so much time with them. I would guess that Jesus has soft hands and smells like his sheep…

  3. As you say, sheep are utterly dependent animals. I understand (and am amazed) they will not drink from a stream, unless it is perfectly “still,” as noted in Ps. 23.

  4. Thanks Michelle, for reminding us of the Love God has for us all in sending His Son to be the Sheppard of His Sheep, who willing gave His Life for us so that we might Live for Him, who now is Our Life! He only is the door thru which we must enter Eternal Life. Now as Our Father wills, we are given to hear His Voice as He gathers us together in Him as One, made Holy and without blame thru the One and Only True Good Sheppard!

  5. I am truly amazed at how deeply God loves us completely and yet we are oblivious to how dependent our lives are, he has taken us into himself.

  6. Sometimes in life I am sure that sometimes my sound is like a Baaaaaa to me,, but thankfully Christ can make intercessory translation and I will be understood always.

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