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GCI Stories | Ottawa, Canada

GCI Ottawa is a congregation of Grace Communion International.
This church saw an influx of immigrants coming to Canada and recognized the need to help the new immigrants become integrated into society. The church walks alongside the immigrants helping them settle into their new home country as permanent Canadian citizens.

2 thoughts on “GCI Stories | Ottawa, Canada”

  1. As someone who has been working with refugees for a number of years in a charitable as well as in governmental context I much appreciate this labor of love. Together we can learn from one another in the realization that our bond in the Spirit is stronger than any cultural or ethnical barriers.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Inspiring. I like it when we open our doors not because we like to grow our congregation but we do it for the love of Jesus Christ. That makes us truly a new humanity. We love not for selfish reasons but because Jesus in us loves everyone.

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