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Randy Bloom’s Retirement & Jeff Broadnax’s New Role

Randy Bloom Portrait
Randy Bloom

On Saturday, October 26th, during our Celebration in Ocean City, Maryland, surrounded by pastors and members from the Eastern part of the nation, Regional Director Randy Bloom announced his upcoming retirement. Randy has decided to step down as Regional Director on May 1, 2020. It is with some sadness and yet excitement for Randy and the next phase of his life, that I share this news with you all.

Randy and his amazing wife Deb, have been a blessing to GCI for the past 44 years. Randy was hired as a Ministerial Trainee in 1975 and has pastored four congregations since. He has also served as a District Superintendent, Regional Pastor and currently as Regional Director. Randy was the brave soul who pioneered our Church Multiplication Ministry (CMM) and our Church Planting Ministry, for which we are eternally grateful. Thankfully, Randy is not finished serving our denomination nor the Body of Christ. Randy has been nominated and accepted a position on the GCI Board of Directors. He will also continue to be an instructor for Grace Communion Seminary. Let me give a shout out for his Church Planting Class which is outstanding, one of the best I’ve taken.

Also at the Celebration in Ocean City, after much prayer and discussions, it was also announced that Jeff Broadnax will replace Randy as the Regional Director for the Eastern Region. Jeff is currently serving as Randy’s Associate Regional Director and is spending time getting to know the pastors and members within the region.

Jeff Broadnax Portrait
Jeff Broadnax

On May 1, 2020, Jeff will step in as the Regional Director. Jeff joins our team with many years of experience. He was ordained as an elder in 1989 and has served in pastoral positions in nine different congregations across five states from the west to east coast. He has worked with teens and young adults across the nation as well as our Generations Ministry Coordinator (GenMin). He also teaches the Trinitarian Youth Ministry class for Grace Communion Seminary. Along with Jeff, we are blessed to gain the wisdom and insight of his lovely wife Karen.

We are thankful God continues to provide qualified individuals who love God, this denomination and all her members. I pray you all have a blessed week.

Michael D. Rasmussen
Superintendent, North America & Caribbean
Regional Director, Central US

12 thoughts on “Randy Bloom’s Retirement & Jeff Broadnax’s New Role”

  1. Thank you Randy for the courageous roles you have filled in pioneering for GCI. Congrats to you, Jeff, a natural leader who has borne much fruit. God bless the transition and May 2020 steps–both are steps UP for everyone.

  2. Randy, thanks for the many years of fruitful service in Christ’s church. The gained experiences will prove helpful in your new role on the GCI Board of Directors. As you know, in GCI “retirement” is a relative term, meaning same amount of work for less pay 🙂 Jeff, It’s been a long time since our AC Pasadena days. Over the years, and from a distance, I have had a chance to follow your ministry stages. It is a joy to see what the Lord has been doing with your life.

  3. Like our brothers Jim and Santiago, Tammy and I congratulate our dear friends and brothers, Randy and Jeff. (and Deb and Karen) as they step into their new roles… we are honored to have known and worked alongside each of them for over four decades!

  4. Randy and Deb, congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your many years of service to our great God and his people. Since I met both of you as a 17 year old college freshman so many years ago, you have been an inspiration and role models on how to be servant-leaders. Please enjoy the future and where God leads you.

  5. Thank you Pastor Randy for your many years of dedicated service to the body of Christ. May your next chapter be even more fruitful. Stay blessed.

  6. Congratulations Pastor Jeff. May you continue to remain productive to the cause of Christ our Savior.

  7. Randy is too young to retire!!! ? we are blessed to have Randy and blessed to have Jeff. These are 2 of my favorite fellas!

  8. Both Randy and Jeff are good friends. I have always admired their energy and wisdom. Both have had a great influence on my life. Blessing to both and their families. Good call placing Jeff in that responsibility. Both men have shown honest deep felt concern for other. Oleh Kubik

  9. Congratulations Randy and Deb! Thanks for all your love and devoted work to the church during your 44 years of service. Thinking back of our teenage years in the Pittsburgh Church….how could we have imagined what God had in store for us.

  10. Congratulations Jeff! and Karen! You will be a great addition bringing much experience to the work ahead!

  11. Many, many thanks to all of you. It has been a great honor to serve alongside so many of you who are also faithful servants in Christ. Your encouragement is moving. And, yes, as Bob wrote, who would have imagined. Many blessings to you all as you continue to follow Jesus.

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