What Does Your Hope Avenue Look Like Right Now?

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What does your Hope avenue look like right now?

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If you need a refresher on the three avenues, please click on the image below to view and download the full Team-Based – Pastor-Led infographic, or scroll down to the bulleted summary.

team based pastor led infographic showing the interconnectedness of the three avenues: hope, faith, and love, with the pastor in the center, leading the team, and the Holy Spirit Guiding the church

  • Hope avenue (worship)—the Sunday worship service—intentional preparation, inclusive gathering, inspirational worship.
  • Faith avenue (discipleship)—discipling people in the faith—small groups, discipleship classes, Bible studies, missionary activities and events.
  • Love avenue (witness)—mission and outreach—identifying a target community, building relationships, missional events.


One thought on “What Does Your Hope Avenue Look Like Right Now?”

  1. Thank you. I am putting this to work in my life . Demonstrating to my community. We pray together, fellowship, break bread and as a small group reach out to our community. Thankful for the leadership of The Holy Spirit, Savorir and ABBA father. May Gods Grace bless you all.

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