Gordon Herrmann Completes Intern program

Gordon Herrmann

Please join me in celebrating Gordon Herrmann’s completion of the GCI Ministry Intern program. Gordon served for 2.5 years as a ministry intern at Christ Fellowship Church in Cincinnati, OH, with Pastor Julie Frantz. He is now serving as a Pastoral Resident at Grace Communion Surrey Hills. Gordon brings a passion for small group ministry and facilitating relationship building. Ministering alongside Gordon, I have experienced insightful conversations as well as many a rowdy, fellowship-building game night. Please enjoy Gordon’s answers to the following questions about his time in the program.

Cara Garrity, Development Coordinator


Why did you enter the GCI Ministry Intern program?

I entered the program because I was starting to feel the call of ministry on my heart. I had been working in campus and youth ministry during college and fell in love with ministry. I had several mentors who affirmed this calling and pointed me in the direction of the GCI Ministry Intern program.

Tell us about your passion for ministry and how God has developed it.

My passion for ministry is based on relationships. I have a heart for God and for his people. There are a lot of different aspects of ministry, but at the heart is people. And through my ministry, I’ve learned that people are more important than programs or things. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have any interest in ministry. God has blessed me with the opportunity to walk alongside him in his ministry. I love getting the chance to walk alongside others and pointing them toward Jesus. It was through experiencing this and getting those opportunities in my ministry that God developed this passion.

What impact did the program have on your ministry leadership journey?

The program had a lot of different impacts on me, but more than anything else it increased my desire to continue on this path. I learned a lot about the rhythms of church life, and what a leader’s role in those rhythms are. After experiencing everything I did throughout the program I felt a really strong confirmation that vocational ministry was the path God has laid out for me. I know it won’t always be easy, but I’ll stick with it for as long as I feel God calling me along this path!

What are your big takeaways from your time spent as an intern?

I’ve definitely learned the importance of trusting God. I’ve learned a lot of skills, what to do, what not to do, etc. But nothing else sticks out quite like trust. I moved across the country to a church where I knew nobody, I experienced a church in transition from pastor to pastor, I experienced a world in quarantine, I experienced many highs and many lows. None of it I ever could have predicted, and I would be lying if I said I always had the best attitude through it, but God was beside me through it all. And as I reflect on it, I see where he was at work in and around me. I hope to move forward for the rest of my life with the confidence that comes with trust in a God who is good and who loves and provides for me in both the hills and the valleys!


Funding for the GCI Ministry Intern Program comes from the GCNext Fund, the local congregation and intern fundraising. Thank you to all who help make this program successful!

8 thoughts on “Gordon Herrmann Completes Intern program”

  1. Gordon,

    I pray that your sevice in Christ may flourish and bring you holy joy.


  2. So happy to see young, enthusiastic interns! Congratulations, Gordon! GCI could use many more committed, talented young pastors! Thank you!

  3. I’ve known Gordon from birth, and never saw him in the ministry. But I am for him 100%!. I know he will give his all to Christ!

  4. Congratulations!! Are you looking for a workplace later on? It’s sunny 🌞 in California. – Pastor Reuben

  5. Congratulation Gordon. God bless you in your future services. You are an exmple, that the Lord wants to have labourers in his rich harvest.

  6. Gordon, we are SO happy to hear you are following God’s call to minister to others. You were such a “quiet and unassuming” young boy when we first met you…and look what God has done. So thankful for you and praying God will bless you wherever you go!
    Our love and prayers are with you! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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