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Prayers for our Southeast Asia Congregations:

In Myanmar, the immediate concern now is the welfare of the people and the church in Myanmar in light of the military seizure of power. There is anger, injustice, a sense of loss and uncertainty with the ongoing protests, civil disobedience movement by the people and violence by the authorities. Coupled with the covid-19 pandemic, the lives and livelihood of ordinary people have become more difficult. The progress of the last 10 years is in danger of being rolled back, including the gospel work in Myanmar. We pray for God’s power and providence in directing the affairs of history in line with his will.

In Bangladesh, with the passing of John Biswas the BEA organization is regrouping. One member, Amiyo Bacher, is a Bengali national who is well connected to our GCI Asian leaders and wants to plant churches.

3 thoughts on “Prayers for our Southeast Asia Congregations:”

  1. It is difficult to pray for those who purposefully use us and create fear in our souls. Yet, it seems that our Father and our Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit may be preparing you to suffer for the glory of the Holy God. We all join you in praying for a heart of Godly love and peace. Also, that God use you as an example that turns all hearts away from the evil one. May our Savior use you as an instrument to lead them to God’s Kingdom. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, Hz

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