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A Reunion Worth Rejoicing

Voice of Hope Church in Ohio has found a way to have potlucks again! The church has been back in person since February. Potlucks have been revived by using physical distancing with seating and finding ways to provide refreshments in a safe manner.

It is such a blessing to be fellowshipping in person again.

Carrie Osborne
Pastor, Voice of Hope Church of God (GCI)
Chillicothe, OH

2 thoughts on “A Reunion Worth Rejoicing”

  1. That is so wonderful. It is finally getting much better here in New Jersey, I am so grateful. What an inviting name for your congregation.

  2. Oh, how I miss those church potlucks! Fellowship and food…that’s the Jesus way 🙂 Here in Germany most Covid restrictions are being lifted. Let’s pray that this positive development will continue as the infection curve drops.

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