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Be Loved

Greg and Susan Williams
Greg and Susan Williams

Dear GCI Family and Friends,

Can you recall a time when you were inspired by hearing the truth of the gospel? I mean really moved to the point of conviction. Several years ago, at an intern gathering, we were honored by a guest speaker named Zac. Zac has spent his entire life facing barriers and obstacles. Zac has cerebral palsy.

The day Zac addressed the interns, he delivered a stirring message. He began by reading the apostle Paul’s greeting to the church at Rome:

To all God’s beloved in Rome, who are called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 1:7 NRSV)

Zac pointed out that this encouraging letter was not to a select few, but for “all.” The meaning of beloved is quite simple and yet profound – a person that God dearly loves. Zac went on to explain that if the Father, Son, and Spirit have a passionate love for you, then be loved. Receive and accept that love. Walk in that love every moment of every day. Bask in that love and delight in the joy and confidence that God’s love imparts. The gospel was made plain that day.

Zac was more than a messenger of this good news; as they say in the business world, he is also a client. The overwhelming, life-changing love of the triune God transformed Zac. This same love can transform you and me as well.

Zac’s walk may be affected by a motor disability, but his walk with the Lord is with an ease of grace, a smile of joy, and a confidence that cannot be shaken. He is a wise and gifted proclaimer of the gospel. Spending time with a saint like Zac reinvigorates our belief in Jesus. We are assured anew that Jesus’ grace is real, and his peace is available to us.

I am keeping this letter short and simple because I want you, the reader, to linger for a few minutes. Focus on the truth that you are a person whom God dearly loves. What does this mean for the rest of your day? The rest of your life?

Be Loved,


5 thoughts on “Be Loved”

  1. Thanks Greg for sharing the witness in Zac of the Love of God, that He wills to share with each of us Thru Jesus, by the same Spirit in Him is in Us who has made us all One in Him!

  2. To know that God loves me without reservations is simply mind boggling. It is the reason why I can face every trial and problem with ultimate confidence always trusting that the Lord will NEVER leave me alone. Our triune God wants the best for us in EVERY circumstance.

  3. Thank you guys for openning our eyes to see the different ways God shows love to us. What an awesome God we have who loves us no matter who we are.

  4. It reminds us of who we are after the world tries to tell you different.

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