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Family Day Carnival

In British Columbia, February 19 is a holiday called “Family Day.” It is a day that gives families the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. GC Surrey decided to host a free “Family Day Carnival” for our community. Our volunteers spent many hours preparing games, distributing over 500 flyers in the neighborhood, and praying for success.

On carnival day, 22 volunteers dressed in bright yellow t-shirts welcomed over 100 guests to join the fun. We offered nine games, face painting, a colouring table, candy jar guessing, popcorn, drinks, and prizes for all the kids. Parents, kids, grandparents, and friends enjoyed the games and hung around to visit afterwards. It was an awesome experience for everyone involved—not only the participants but also for the volunteers who served and loved wholeheartedly in the name of Jesus!

By Job Ayuba, Love Avenue Champion & Associate Pastor
Surrey, B.C., Canada