November 18, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Please join me in extending congratulations to newlyweds, Pastor John Moskel and the former Shirley Kirby.

New Pastor Ordination

Harold L. Jackson, pastor of the Albuquerque, New Mexico, congregation and the Native American (Navaho) church plant at Laguna Pueblo, was ordained November 15 by District Pastoral Leader Glen Weber. Harold’s wife, Michelle, joined him on stage during the ceremony. Pastor Glen was assisted by elders Eliezar Benavides and Dr. David Albert, along with several members of the congregation.



Our French website has added the Speaking of Life program with a French voiceover. Laurent Poyrault, a Paris church member, does the voiceover.


Here are photos of some of our European Life Clubs. More than 100 attended the October 4 Life Club meeting at Paignton. Speakers included James Esom, Nicola Dempsey, and Lucy Keen, who is involved with the relief agency, Christian Aid.

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The Watford Life Club, led by Director David Silcox, met October 24. The best speaker cup was won by Comet Chukwurah, who gave a testimonial.
The Dutch Life Club met at Zwolle on October 31.


Mission Trip Opportunity

A 16-day mission trip opportunity is available for young people, ages 16–30 years. In Nassau, Bahamas, there are thousands of Haitian refugees who have fled from chronic poverty, hunger and violence and risked their lives at sea, hoping to start a new life. Some now live in shantytowns on the outskirts of Nassau, Bahamas. Their home may be a room no larger than 12’x12’ with no electricity, running water or toilet. Many of the children have been victims of crime, violence, abuse, rape, prostitution or incest. Often they have only one parent, who is in the country illegally and can only get a job that pays less than minimum wage. Young children are often raised by their older siblings and there is very little discipline or order. The Bahamian government provides little help to this growing population.

From July 30 to August 14, 2010, we will be working alongside our church in Nassau helping with a VBS (Vacation Bible School) for about 100 children ages 4 through 18 years. Approximately 70 percent of these children will be Haitian refugees. Volunteers will help lead activities at the Day Camp such as devotional messages, sharing the gospel, basketball, praise and worship, volleyball, crafts, parachute games, relay games, jump rope, lessons with puppets, team building, line dancing, puzzles, soccer and more. We will also provide lunch for the children. For some children, it will be the only meal they will have that day.

The living and working conditions may not be what you are used to, and you may be asked to step out of your comfort zone when teaching the children. This trip is designed to stretch and challenge you. By showing these children your love for Christ and a servant’s heart, you can have a major positive impact on them. The local church simply does not have the staff to do it on their own. So if you are ready for a challenge and are up for some hard work, then this is the mission trip for you!

In addition to this rewarding work, the group will also spend a day shopping at the Straw Market and enjoying the beach. If you are interested in joining us, contact Janet Morrison by email at or go to the website and click on Bahamas. The deadline for applications is Dec. 31, 2009.

Sponsor a Pastor to the 2010 International Conference

As we look forward to next year’s international conference, I’m sure we all agree that it would be wonderful if we could help pastors from isolated, underprivileged areas be able to attend with us. This hope could become a reality if some of our congregations with the means and desire could sponsor a pastor and spouse for the 2010 conference.

Some congregations might want to direct a portion of their international missions budget toward this need. If your congregation would like to be involved, please contact Charles Albrecht (, who will help you select a pastor to sponsor. Smaller congregations might want to combine resources to sponsor a pastor. Charles can also help you coordinate a joint effort.

Prayer Requests and Updates

Beverly Davis

Fred Davis let us know that Beverly’s surgery went well, but chemotherapy will be necessary. He wrote, “We greatly appreciate the many prayers from so many people… They took out 13 lymph nodes. The first 12 were clear, but the 13th had some cancer cells present. Looks like chemo after she recovers from the surgery. We are counting on God’s promise to enable us to get thru the trial to the other side. Early detection, early treatment, and lots of prayer! Thanks for your prayers and concern.”

Cards may be sent to:
4018 Roth Road
Grand Island, NE 68803

Torveig Aas

Carl Fredrik Aas let us know it will be some time before his wife, Torveig, fully recovers, but she is improving. “She is a real fighter and her life is in God’s hands. Both my wife and I would like to express our deep gratitude for the prayers, emails and cards we have received.”

Cards may be sent to:
Torveig and Carl Aas
Vevelstadasen 25
N-1405 Langhus

Remember that prayer is the battleground where we fight the good fight of faith. Let’s encourage everyone to join together in prayer, for we belong to Christ, and by the Spirit it is in Christ that we pray. Prayer and other spiritual activities help keep our hearts in tune with God and remind us of who we are in Christ. He is our all in all, and in him we are eternally beloved of the Father and blessed to share his good news with others.

Love from my family to yours,
Joseph Tkach