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Black History Month ideas

As noted in the January issue of Equipper, February in the U.S. is designated as Black History Month. George Hart, one of GCI’s pastors in the Cincinnati, OH area reports that Black History Month has been an important tool for outreach in his congregation. Here is what they have planned this year:

  • Feb. 5: Soul Food Dinner Social with Betty Daniels Rosemond who was a Freedom Rider in Mississippi in the early 60s. Betty was honored along with other Freedom Riders by President Obama last year.
  • Feb. 12: Unity Quilt . Members will contribute to a quilt symbolizing how Christ has sewn us together in love.
  • Feb. 18: Celebration Dance.
  • Feb 19: Performance of the Little Miami Select Women’s Choir. The choir has won state competitions and will participate in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati in July.