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Larry Wooldridge graduates

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wooldridge

We are pleased to announce that on December 17, GCI pastor Larry Wooldridge graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University in Langhorne, PA, with a master of divinity (MDiv) degree. Larry tells us that it took him eight years to complete the degree. Congratulations Larry!

Larry is senior pastor of GCI’s congregations in Meriden and Stratford, CT and serves as a district pastor in New England.

6 thoughts on “Larry Wooldridge graduates”

  1. Congratulations Larry! It’s been a long way from the days of Big Sandy and Theology under Leroy Neff, Richard Ames, Ben Chapman.

  2. Congratulations Mr. Woldridge! It’s wonderful to have fulfilled your goal. I remember you from the days in Mt. Pocono.

  3. Well done Larry. Your commitment to lifelong study is inspirational. Thank you and your churches again for generously sponsoring our conference visit in 2010.

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